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How to Create the UI that suits.

How to UI?

Art of UI creation is so common I guess. Many people ignore the part of UI planning and directly hopes into HTML and CSS. What is fascinating is that planning and creating a design template is better as it allows you to check which font and colors suit your website and style, because it's not easy to change theme of whole website once it's somewhat or maybe completely built as compare to UI creation tools.

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Using such tools like FIGMA and Adobe XD allows us to quickly do those changes and finalize the design, all then is left to implement them in real-time website.

Some Important websites to enhance UI creation.

*1. Icons *
A website that I personally use when it comes to icons and small vectors to aid website looks.
Website is perfect for such purposes.

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2. Theme and colors
One of the most important aspect is selecting that perfect theme and colors for your navbars or texts...
If you ask me I'm always to use as it provides best colors and combos that are so perfect when actually implemented. It's easy and free to use :)

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3. Images
You just can't ignore images and you're not gonna click every images by yourself (YES!). In that case I prefer using unsplash although you might already know about it. But something that you might not be knowing is that they also provide users with an API that provide aesthetic images by artists for you to implement in your source code.

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4. Fonts. YES! please
For the love of god please stop using those default Calibri font on your beginner projects. That's why I'll suggest you using or (font awesome provides icons as well).

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Hope all this was useful to you and I hope you'll apply these in your projects so they would look even more attractive.
Try finding the best resources that suits and make your paragraphs sexier!

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