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"Application of Apache Doris in JD.COM"_Apache Doris Summit 2022

JD.COM's Search & Push Project started in 2019. Its goal is to bring better exposure and clicks to the high-quality goods resources of merchants on the platform through traffic control. Since joining the project, Apache Doris has been responsible for the traffic in JD.COM's Double 11 and 6.18 promotions during the past three years, with the traffic peaks reaching 450 million per minute. The 1.1.5 version released by Apache Doris has made a major breakthrough in performance and stability. The query performance is 2-3 times higher than before, and the overall cluster import throughput is increased by 100%, which greatly solves the problems and optimizes the unity of cost, efficiency and user experience.

Apache Doris is a real-time analytical database based on MPP architecture, known for its high performance and ease of use. It supports both high-concurrency point queries and high-throughput complex analysis. (

SelectDB is a cloud-native real-time data warehouse developed based on the Apache Doris open source project by the same key developers. The SelectDB company focuses on the enterprise-grade cloud-native distribution for Apache Doris. (Contact US:

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