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"Application of Apache Doris in Tencent Music"_Apache Doris Summit 2022

Tencent Music
Content profiling is an important method of recommendation. When facing a large amount of user data, how to accurately process and analyze is the key to the formation of content profiling, and it will also affect the user experience. In order to better meet business needs, Tencent Music has carried out 4 versions of architecture iterations, among which Apache Doris has become the solution for the analysis acceleration and plays an important role in the entire data architecture. In the grouping of millions of users, the performance has been improved by nearly 20 times. At the same time, with the help of hot and cold data separation, refined management and ease of use, our storage costs and maintenance costs have been reduced by more than 40%.

Apache Doris is a real-time analytical database based on MPP architecture, known for its high performance and ease of use. It supports both high-concurrency point queries and high-throughput complex analysis. (

SelectDB is a cloud-native real-time data warehouse developed based on the Apache Doris open source project by the same key developers. The SelectDB company focuses on the enterprise-grade cloud-native distribution for Apache Doris. (Contact US:

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