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My First Commercial Plugin for JetBrains

Hey all!

I wanted to share a plugin that I've developed since summer of 2019. It's a plugin for writing OpenAPI specs for JetBrains products. You can find the plugin at If you work with OpenAPI and JetBrains, you might find the plugin useful. It has a 30 days trial and it is free to use in open source development and education.

So far there has been a decent amount of downloads and paid subscriptions. I have found that by offering the plugin commercially really motivates me to keep improving and adding new features to it.

When I worked on the open source Swagger plugin, I felt a bit of frustration because I was spending hours in the weekends to fix bugs or adding new features that users were asking. I realised that this would not work in the long run; I was not getting much satisfaction from the contributions anymore.

I believe that with the commercial plugin I am able to provide a better product for writing OpenAPI specifications. At the same time I also get joy for delivering features that users are willing to pay for :)

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