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Eric Goldman for Sequin

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How to build an internal tool on Airtable using Retool and Sequin

Retool and Airtable make a great pairing.

Airtable is great for managing data around almost anything. Retool is a great for building internal tools on that data.

For instance, you can use this Customer Success Airtable template and Retool to rapidly build a customer success tool (as we do in the video below). Or, you can use this Product Catalogue template and Retool to build a resource management tool.You could even expose a customer portal if you wanted to.

While not exactly no-code (you'll need a little JavaScript / SQL), Retool takes care of most of the hard work so you can just focus on building your app. If you are comfortable with Airtable scripting - then you'll be right at home in Retool.

After many readers successfully built apps using our written tutorial for building apps on Airtable using Retool - and after many request for a video - we made one!

In this video tutorial you'll go step-by-step through how to build a custom app using Retool with Airtable and our service - Sequin.

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