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11 side project ideas to try 🔥

Hi! Here are the ideas to try in your new projects. I post them daily in this community.

Use any technology you want for that!

Color palette generator

But where you type a word or mood, e.g. "ocean", "happiness". The tool could combine properly "ocean" with "forest". A problem with current color palette generators is it's hard to pick good colors by non-designers. It is much easier to describe a palette you want with words.

Journey notes

An app allows you to take notes, attach media to places you visit on a map. Kind of a visualized travel diary.

Telegram channels catalog

One universal platform which is a huge catalog of Telegram channels/groups/bots. It's a go-to service to submit a channel as an owner and a go-to service to search channels as a user.

Chat by interests

The app connects you with a random person for a few minutes to discuss a topic proposed by the app. You can choose text or video chat. There is should be a strict moderation, so a reporting system should be perfectly configured.

Trip helper

An app where you make a list of things to do before going somewhere, and the list of things to bring with you. It could be a bot that reminds you of such stuff.

Curated YouTube playlists

I didn't find any good app that provides me YouTube playlists for something. Especially for music. It could be an app where you can like YouTube videos and the system choose playlists for you based on others' likes.

Performance monitoring

A service that monitors a list of websites to analyze their performance metrics. Such as page loading time, size of bundle files, API stability, etc. This kind of data can be accumulated to keep track of competitors, for example.

Car recognizer

Take a car photo and the app will tell you related info: model, year, average car's cost, etc.

Audio messages transcribed

A feature to include in the popular messengers to transcribe voice messages. Sometimes people don't want to listen to them or don't have the ability to.

Positive news

An app that shows users only positive news. AI?

Movies picker

An app collects movies or series to watch for you on weekends. Based on your preferences. Thus, you don't need to spend time searching for new movies, or old ones based on a genre and plot you like.

Smart anti-spam bot

A bot that can detect a primary goal of a message and conclude whether it's spam, flood, advertising of something, self-promotion, etc. The bot should be configurable to be triggered to particular primary and secondary goals of messages.
It can be created for different platforms like Telegram, Slack, whatever.

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