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A list of project ideas for practicing coding skills & trying new tech

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There are a lot of people who currently struggling with the problem of how to find a project idea to code. For educational purposes or any other. I decided to create a list of brief ideas that you may find helpful. And please share your own ideas in comments!

Docs saver
An app where you can store electronic copies of your documents, such as ID, tax number, insurance, whatever. It can be encrypted. Stores PDFs.
Comments: for the first version you can skip encryption and PDF management, just store images. You can try AWS S3 or other storages that provide storing files. Or you can save them on your back-end, or use a database.


Office music manager
Suppose you have a music subwoofer in a workplace/home. Each of the colleagues/friends can choose the music he/she likes, and the app will queue a song to be played next. Others can vote if a song is good or bad, based on this info the app will filter a playlist to be played in the next time.
Each of the friends can add its song to the app without the mess with reconnecting to a musical device.
Comments: here you can practice with IoT. A lot of space to play with.


Movie collector
An app collects weekend movies to watch for you. Based on your preferences.
Comments: it can be a bot that fetches new movies via different APIs and then sends you the collection. Also, the bot can send a notification that a new movie released instantly as it appears on some website.


Share info via phones
An app allows you to share information with others who also have the app. It generates QR code, other people should scan it to review your info.
Comments: choose your side of creating mobile apps: React Native, Flutter or maybe native development?


Public bookmarks
An app where users share their useful (or not) websites(bookmarks). It can be grouped by folders, labels, tags. You can follow a user to read his/her bookmarks feed. It can be integrated with browser bookmarks addon.
Comments: you can play with creating browser extensions.


Events trigger
An app that will notify you if anything interesting is happening near you.
Comments: you'll use some maps(or not) API.


Zapier for smart house
A management system that helps you to build logic flows for your house's sensors, devices. E.g. if I get home -> lamps enable, turn on floor heating -> send a message to my wife that I'm home.
Comments: IoT again.


Podcast rewind
For people who listen to foreign language podcasts and don't understand some sentences. The app allows them to rewind a track for 5/10/20 seconds by shaking a phone and receive an audio translation of that time interval. So they don't need to wake a screen, rewind and translate manually.
Comments: the part with audio translation can be skipped. Just practice with developing a mobile app. Also, a PWA can be created as well (as you can use the browser's motion API to listen when a device was shaken).


Skype/Zoom web alternative
Pick what you prefer the most and develop those:

  • You can create public rooms/chats with a lot of people.
  • You can create private rooms(only, say, 2 people).
  • You can create a service that matches people by interests, so they can talk (like other video chats).

Comments: use the WebRTC standard. ~91% of browsers support the WebRTC API.

Some ideas are new, so you can be first to show a solution to people :) And remember you can take an existing app and try to develop it (skip unnecessary features) if you want code practice.
Also, I post ideas in this channel occasionally.

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