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Show DEV: JSON-to-HTML resume generator

A few words about the problem: CV.pdf, CV_updated.pdf, CV_updated2.pdf. It's hard to keep tracking updates on your resume. Thus many people go to online services that generate good-looking resumes by providing an ability to edit templates via UI.

They are mostly not free and don't provide transparent versioning of a resume. Also, who knows, but maybe some of such services will be shut down in a month, year or so. It means I can't restore my information.


I thought it'll be interesting to try to store a resume in some simple format in a private Git repository (or just in a local Git repo). It's easier to see diffs and track updates. So I wrote a script that takes resume information from a JSON file and generates HTML based on the data.

How it works

What it does is replaces variables like {{ experience }} in an HTML template with the corresponding values from the JSON file.
Example of the JSON resume template:

JSON resume template

Example of an HTML template result:
HTML template

Thus, I could keep my custom HTML template and resume in JSON format in a Git repo and generate HTML when I do updates. Like this:
How to use
"simple" is a pre-defined theme

There is an ability to create your own HTML theme, an example:

<!-- Embed CSS, JS, as in usual HTML -->

<div>{{ }}</div>
<h2>{{ basics.label }}</p>
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Advanced use cases

It'll be great if I push updated cv.json to a remote repo, and CI will update a website where my resume available.
The workflow could be:

  1. I push new commit (updated cv.json)
  2. CI script generates the HTML (qcv build-from my_website_theme.html)
  3. Deploys it to a server where a website is hosted

The repo:

GitHub logo SergChr / qcv

A JSON to HTML resume generator

What do you think? Any feedback is hugely welcomed!

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