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How do you keep your resume up to date?

Do you use online services for this? It takes a lot of time to edit existing PDF resume or creating a new one from scratch.

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Matt Hamilton

I have a LaTeX file with my resume in that I wrote about 20 years. Ago apart from having to re-install LaTeX on whatever my machine now happens to be, it still works! I just add a new 'employment' block in and refresh all the other parts to make sure they still are current.

But I've only had 3-4 jobs in the past 2 decades. Might be different for someone who is a contractor or freelancer and moves around a lot.

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Glenn Stovall

I keep a file and update it at least once a year. It does not have to be completely from scratch each time.

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Ahh, yes, fun times having to update resume_v40.pdf again... This was one of the reasons why our startup created a platform that would replace CVs for developers. Cheers!

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Yes, it can be a CV replacement. Already using it!