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Comparing salaries and popularity of programming languages

Hi DEV community!

You know that some programming languages allow to earn more money. In the meantime, there is a different amount of available jobs for some programming languages. So, I decided to build a chart that includes information about salaries and amount of available jobs.

Note: I know that StackOverflow has a similar chart, but they build their data based on the feedback from developers. My chart is based on available jobs.

So, I created a chart and got the following (all numbers are average salaries per year in the USA):

Salary comparison

I wasn't impressed that Python, JavaScript and Node.js allow to earn a good amount of money whereas Java, Python and React are very popular (meaning that there are many jobs available).

However, I was surprised that Angular and Android development is not popular and the salaries are relatively small. I wouldn't recommend to learn that to anyone.

I was also surprised that C++ is till so popular. There are many jobs.

In addition, node.js developers make a lot of money whereas there is a relatively small amount of available jobs.

Hope this information will help someone to choose the right stack.

I personally would choose Python + JavaScript in 2022 because demand and salaries are high.

P.S. This is my first post here, so I hope the provided information is helpful :)

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