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Sergio Daniel Xalambrí
Sergio Daniel Xalambrí

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Setup a redirect inside a project deployed to Vercel

If you have had a website for a certain time most probably your links have been shared in different websites, and most of those are website you can go and update in case you decide to move a page to another URL.

Vercel makes solving this problem easy, first create a now.json file, if you don't already have one, and put this content inside:

  "redirects": [{ "source": "/essays(.*)", "destination": "/articles$1" }]
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The redirects key is an array with all of our redirects, inside we write an object per redirect we want to setup, and define the keys source and destination.

The source is a string with the pathname the user will access before its redirected, in this case I have that redirects me to the destination, and the destination is another string with the target URL the user will be redirected, in my case that ise, if you go, right now, to it will take you to this same page you are reading right now.

The (.*) let us tell to Vercel we want to catch whatever comes after /essays, that let use detect URLs like /essays/vercel/setup-redirect and not only /essays, this is a RegEx and whatever matches inside the parenthesis will be available for use to use in the destination.

And going there, the $1 means the first element detected and caught between parenthesis by the source, this is what let use append whatever the user write after /essay and /article so we can correctly redirect the user.

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