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re: Do you know JavaScript? If not, I would highly suggest to start there. NodeJS is a very hot topic in web development, but moves at 1000 miles per h...

I thought that I knew JavaScript before ACMAS6, now I am sure that I did not and the gap between what I s hould learn and what I know is getting bigger. Please,
give some sources to learn more about JS.


I sincerely hope you mean ECMAScript 6, because otherwise there is yet another standard I don't know about



I started with Babel's Learn ES2105, you can also use the repl to see what "old" JS it outputs.

I went on doing almost all the exercises here: es6katas.org/

If you want to go deep on specific features you can have a look here: ponyfoo.com/articles/tagged/es6-in...




Easy to follow free courses, that explain the WHY to write exactly this line of code.


This is a good example that you could get used to start understanding some of the concepts. From there google will help you understand more.

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