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Where to Learn Nodejs ?

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I am looking for good sources to learn nodejs.
I have already found a lot of things on youtube, udemy and so on,
but I would like to know from the people who is already programing with that language.

Where did you learn and which topic should I pay more attention on?

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Do you know JavaScript? If not, I would highly suggest to start there. NodeJS is a very hot topic in web development, but moves at 1000 miles per hour. If you miss 6 months of developing with it, you missed an eternity. My suggestion is to pick a project you want to build, then start building it. Also look heavily in to JS and it's OOP patterns.


I thought that I knew JavaScript before ACMAS6, now I am sure that I did not and the gap between what I s hould learn and what I know is getting bigger. Please,
give some sources to learn more about JS.


I started with Babel's Learn ES2105, you can also use the repl to see what "old" JS it outputs.

I went on doing almost all the exercises here:

If you want to go deep on specific features you can have a look here:


This is a good example that you could get used to start understanding some of the concepts. From there google will help you understand more.


I sincerely hope you mean ECMAScript 6, because otherwise there is yet another standard I don't know about


Easy to follow free courses, that explain the WHY to write exactly this line of code.


If money isn't an issue then I found Wes Bos course to be a fitting start. It covers a wide range of topics but expects you to have a understanding of general dev and JS.

Another 'okayish' resourse is the book Node.js In action.

The book is a good introduction onto some topics, however the code examples can be a bit.. meh.

Some youtube channels that can give good insight are:

Good luck in your studies, Node.JS is fantastic IMO and I love it!


There's tonnes of resources out there, but a good read is Kyle Simpson's YDKJS series. Also, once you start feeling comfortable with some ES6 (ES2015), you can check out to do some daily katas.


The nodeschool tutorials are cool too! They get you started quickly and let you grasp the basics:

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