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Sewvandi Promodya Wickramasinghe
Sewvandi Promodya Wickramasinghe

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Why Visual Studio Code is so popular?

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I think the main reason Vscode is so popular is that it has all that every programmer expects from a code editor with some other useful features.

1) It serves numerous programming languages

It supports almost all the major programming languages such as It supports Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, C++, Java, PHP, Go, C#, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Objective-C and much more.

2) Available for macOS, Linux, and Windows

It is a free open source editor and cross platform that works on Windows , Linux and MacOS to enable you to work on your device regardless of the platform.

3) The language of the selected file can be modified

It supports default language, but you can also edit language mode according to your file.

4) Debugging

When the coding becomes difficult, it becomes difficult to debug. Debugging is often the only feature developers miss in a sleeker coding experience, and so we did it. Visual Studio Code provides an integrated debugger so that you can transfer source code, check variables, view call stacks and run console commands.

5) Provides documentation specific to the language

The web portal contains popular language documents, which are supported by the Visual Studio Software. C++, C #, CSS, Go, Python, PHP , Java and many more are among them.

6) Command palette

The command palette that makes the VS code accessible from the keyboard is displayed in Ctrl / Command+ Shipt+P. You will use all VS Code features and all keyword shortcuts.

7) Customization

Visual Studio Code offers flexibility, as with any other common editor. In fact , thanks to its flexible preferences and a variety of extensions, it provides extremely personalized solutions. Vscode allows you to modify your theme, modify your keypads, adjust your settings, create snippets and much more.

8) Code management features

Visual Studio code also features code management functions such as Go to Definition, Peek Definition and the Rename Symbol. Find all references. These features can be easily found in the vscode by right-clicking in the code file.

9) Built-in Git integration

Visual studio code is providing comprehensive Git integration, so that programmers can immediately monitor changes without leaving the editor. You can find the Git icon on the left side of the bar where it can be initialized and several Git commands such as pull, push, publish etc. can be performed. Vscode also works with a number of Git repository locally and remotely.

10) IntelliSense

The programmers use this function for the completion of their intelligent code, parameter information, content support, quick information and hinting of code. IntelliSense is provided by VSC for the following programming languages: JavaScript, CSS , HTML, TypeScript, JSON, Sass, and Fewer. We can use the IntelliSense extensions for other languages. For other languages.

What is your opinion here? Share your thoughts in the comments :)

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kailyons profile image

VSCode also is a pretty fair IDE for JavaScript - all things considered

sewvandiii profile image
Sewvandi Promodya Wickramasinghe

Yes exactly

muhimen123 profile image

According to me, the best features are

  • Debugger
  • Customization
  • Git
sewvandiii profile image
Sewvandi Promodya Wickramasinghe

Thanks for the opinion