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How I started pursuing my UX Nano Degree and Google UX Design Certification at the Sametime Part 1

It has been very interesting during this Covid period for all of us. I have worked in the Software and Website Development industry for five years now . It I longe than that but I took it serious five years ago. I have also worked as Co-founder non profit Start-up. The product we are working on is dear to my heart in my country.As someone from Ghana , the tech Space is not understood by by a lot of people not to talk of taking us serious. A client will give you a joband you become the Developer, Designer ,Copywriter and if you are not lucky the Photographer too. A client would want a fully functional ecommerce website with a payment gateway at a cost of $100. I got a little break when I was offered the chance to be a Tech lead for a hub during one of the Incubation for their 2020 co-horts and I would say it was very interesting. I had to do a lot of learn as well as research.

Enough about the bla bla bla.I will write two articles separately in relation to my experience with Udacity and Coursera. Let's go straight to the meat of the story. From where I come almost 90% of Developers/Designers do not buy Courses online , we have our way around it.So we finish with it, haven the skills and experience but no certificate to back it. So I was obviously happy when Google launched their UX Design Certification and Udacity also launched the nano degree programme.
So during the late part of Covid period, there were alot of Scholars by some companies as well as institutions that were being offered both for Google UX Design as well as Udacity. I applied for it and it got both scholarships.

This is just the part one. I will go into details about the two courses in the part 2.
I am almost done with both programs and I will say, so far so good. I am open for any Start-up or Company that needs a UX/UX intern . Stay tune for part 2

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