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If any developer reader is possibly looking out for dynamic admin dashboards with backend support written in Vue, vue-admin is an open-source project we're working on. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated :)


Hello Santiago.
Do you have a live DEMO of the app?


Currently there's no live demo, it's still a work in progress. But if you're familiar with npm, instructions in the are really straightforward.

I will test the app. If all goes well, will be add it to the list.

P.S. to be published on, you must fork & add the dashboard info in markdown format.

Some info about the service how-it-works


Thank you, that's good to know! We'll take a look into it!!

The page remains yours, and you can add more info anytime. But .. only if you preserve license
LGPL, MIT, Apache

If you have a PRO version, please don't mention it.
The links are 'dofollow', and all the traffic goes to your pages.


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