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Shaiju T • Edited

Some advice on becoming Full Stack Software Engineer.

If you are looking to learn to get a Job, Currently both Java and C# will help you get Job in MNC companies. Also Go language is coming up, i heard many startups are using it for making cloud native apps. You can do market research for both Java and C# in your area and then decide.

Java and C# has some common syntax style , so you can switch over each other easily.
I feel C# gives developer happiness and makes developer life easy because its easily maintainable for large projects and by providing tools like Visual Studio and VS Code its easy to code faster.

Don't be confused of choosing the best language, Just choose one after your research and start learning, if you don't like you can switch over other easily.

Full Stack Software Engineers who build web Apps are in demand.

Below is 11 step path to become Full Stack C# Software Engineer:

  1. HTML , CSS, Javascript - Do 3 simple Project, Push it to your Github

1.2 Learn Git and Github basics to Push projetcts to your Github

  1. Learn Basic SQL - Note down your Queries, Push it to your Github
  2. Learn C# - Do 3 simple Project, Push it to your Github
  3. Learn Asp.NET Core - A Web Framework to build Both UI and Backend in one go. Do 2 simple Project, Push it to your Github
  4. Learn Asp.Net Core Web API - A API Framework to build RESTFULL API's. Do 1 simple Project, Push it to your Github.
  5. Learn any JS framework like Angular or React , Do 2 simple Project , Push it to your Github.
  6. In between write 2 to 5 blogs on what you have learned.
  7. Create a simple readable resume, add all above skill set in resume, add 4 good projects you have created while learning in your resume, add link to your blog too, add linkedin profile.
  8. Start Applying for Job and be ready to take any small Job as beginner then move on from there.
  9. Be patient and learn, it takes time to learn, it may take minimum 3 months if done fulltime or 5 months.
  10. In interview be confident and if the interviewer asks do you have hands on experience ? Then explain them about the projects you have build along the way and say that you are confident to do the tasks.

Watch below video and the channel content - Learn all for FREE.

2 Ways to build Web Apps in C#:

  1. Develop Web App using Asp.Net Core Only - Both UI and Backend

  1. Develop Asp.Net Core Web API and Consume it using JS frameworks like Angular or React
  • Asp.Net Core Web API - For Backend

  • Angular or React - For UI

That's Just basic CRUD based tutorials, Advanced projects based tutorials like a Ecommerce shop etc you can search online to learn more.

Hope this helps. 😄

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holly boyles

Thanks for sharing! This list is very similar to course list in school. :)