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Discussion on: ASP.NET Core Health Checks

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Shaiju T

Thanks for detailed explanation. So what is the use case of health checks in Asp.Net Core ? Just to check status between services hosted in a single IIS server ?

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Gustavo Borges Michel

You can use to check if your app can connect to a database as well. Plus you can write custom checks for other things such as external apis for example. I think it's a very easy way to check critical things in your app are working OK.

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Sahan Author • Edited

@shaijut It doesn't necessarily have to be on IIS. They can be distributed across many hosting servers, PaaS offerings like App Service etc. Better to think of it in the context of running many applications rather than infrastructure. As @gustavobmichel already mentioned you can monitor the status of many different services depending on your use case.

Check out this full list of health checks available:

Hope this helps to clarify it.

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