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Discussion on: How I made WordPress Faster with 1KB JavaScript

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Shaiju T • Edited on

Interesting plugin,Thanks :) Some points and question:

  1. In this post you are saying preload and using prefetch tag , its confusing for reader because preload and prefetch are different concepts.

  2. I tested your demo website home page:

  • In home page after load, I took a full screenshot , its here, As you can see initially all images are blank , as we scroll it loads the image, so does this plugin just lazy loads images ?

  • I click on a article, I expected whole article to be cached using prefetch in browser, but in network tab i can see it is pulling the html from server instead.

Can you create separate demo website for the plugin with little assets and articles and explain step by step why this plugin is useful.

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Gijo Varghese Author
  1. Thanks for pointing this out. Corrected!

2.1 - The images are lazy loading using my other plugin, Flying Images. Flying Pages doesn't lazy load images.

2.2 - On clicking prefetched article, it will still show in the network tab, but the 'size' would be 'prefetch cache'. Make sure "Disable Cache" is unchecked. Here is how you can check if it's working properly or not: