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Angular - How to pass arrays via Query Parameters

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This is a quick guide on how to pass an array of values via query string in Angular. This is working in Angular 9+ as of 13/04/2020 but will most likely work just fine for any version from Angular 2+.

In the example below we will create an array of values in ComponentA and pass them to ComponentB via navigation. This method will work for a direct navigation to ComponentB via a link and also via programmatic navigation with the Angular router.

The short version is: JSON.stringify your array and pass it as query param, thend JSON.parse it back into an array after navigation

Component A - Passing the array

export class ComponentA {

  // We need access to the Angular router object to navigate programatically
  constructor(private router: Router){}

  navigateWithArray(): void {
    // Create our query parameters object
    const queryParams: any = {};
    // Create our array of values we want to pass as a query parameter
    const arrayOfValues = ['a','b','c','d'];

    // Add the array of values to the query parameter as a JSON string
    queryParams.myArray = JSON.stringify(arrayOfVAlues);

    // Create our 'NaviationExtras' object which is expected by the Angular Router
    const navigationExtras: NavigationExtras = {

    // Navigate to component B
    this.router.navigate(['/componentB'], navigationExtras);

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Component B - parsing the array

export class ComponentB {
  // Where we will be storing the values we get from the query string
  arrayOfValues: Array<string>;

  // We need use the ActivatedRoute object to get access 
  // to information about the current route
  constructor(private activatedRoute: ActivatedRoute){

    // Get the query string value from our route
    const myArray = this.activatedRoute.snapshot.queryParamMap.get('myArray');

    // If the value is null, create a new array and store it
    // Else parse the JSON string we sent into an array
    if (myArray === null) {
      this.arrayOfValues = new Array<string>();
    } else {
      this.arrayOfValues = JSON.parse(myArray));

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