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Hello there, I'm preparing humanity for our future as a united interplanetary civilization utilizing collaboration, education, technology and video games.

When Crohn's disease began affecting me in 2016, rendering me bedridden, I thought my life was over as it made nearly all my work/school experience useless. On Christmas Eve 2017 I returned home after a week long stay in the hospital after a near death experience due to sepsis. In March 2018 I guest spoke on a panel at Emerald City Comic Con about the benefits of video game modding on individuals, communities & developers. Life has given me a unique perspective of humanity and hope for an unimaginably awesome future.

Since then I'm doing everything possible to prepare humanity for our future with the resources & knowledge gained from decades of playing, modding & teaching game dev as a passionate hobby. In 2018 I spent most of my time devising ways to fund Project Universe without requiring users to pay for it or its services, designing free-to-live-in self-sufficient housing complexes to build after funding is established, and other infrastructure aspects.

On 29 January 2019 I announced open community development has begun inviting all of humanity to join me in the development of an unprecedented genre of video game. Most of 2019 I spent refining the written plan, spreading the word to find more volunteer developers, creating game assets, acquiring business affiliates to fill the virtual mall and other business oriented stuff. In October we received our first sponsor which allowed me to setup the business, pay for hardware/software for volunteers and used the rest to pay some of the volunteers for their work.

2020 has been difficult with the quarantine/virus/global political stuff going on, several developers have been unable to contribute slowing development as a result. Fortunately several volunteers are still contributing and have had a couple join in the last month. I'm primarily focused on establishing funding, directing development and refining the written plan. The more the "GDD" has written down, the more work on Trello outlined, the less needs to be explained by myself and other volunteers; You can meet them on my Discord. We've had to shift development in response to the reduced dev team. I spend 80% of my time networking; streamers, musicians, game devs/modders, businesses, etc.

I joined in the hopes of meeting more people wanting to help prepare humanity for our future. I'll be sending the creators of an invite/request permission to promote it in-game allowing users to access while in-game on displays through-out the fleet of human colony city spacecraft.

I hope after reading this you've gained hope for humanity. I know it sounds crazy, but you have to be crazy to help an entire planets population. The craziest part is it's way easier than it sounds, if you don't believe me now, you will later. All of this is the result of living life taking it one day at a time while developing/pursuing a plan to give myself a life I can be proud of.