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Why React.js instead of Angularjs?

React is taking over AngularJS
ReactJS is a JavaScript library and has a view, but lacks model & controller components. React introduced the concept of virtual DOM which is regarded as one of the greatest advantages of React in comparison of AngularJS. It relies on the conventions of a team to keep code written in a specific style, but its simplicity can be very powerful and expressive.
AngularJS is a most popular javascript framework; its syntax is very heavy.

Services provided by ReactJS are as follows:

· Components can be easily reused

· Faster performance when it comes to displaying a huge amount of components.

· Easy to create user interface test cases

· Easy to debug because of special chrome extensions

· SEO friendly

The following are the difference between ReactJS & AngularJS:


  1. React uses one-way data binding and an app architecture called flux controls the flow of data to components through one control point.

  2. React’s virtual DOM is one of the greatest advantages: It creates a lightweight DOM, with new data new virtual Dom is created & compare with the previous one.

  3. It doesn’t offer division into templates & directives, the template logic should be written in the template itself.

  4. It helps us update the view and with flux can control the application workflow for the user.

  5. It offers freedom, but it costs the additional time spent designing the structure of an application.

  6. It doesn’t offer any concept of the built-in container for dependency injection.

  7. It is easy to understand React, with React Native and next.js it is the best choice.

  8. It takes a long time to set up a react project, but then you can start to make an application & it would be easy to add new features.

  9. It is bigger than Vue but still smaller then angular.


  1. Angular uses two-way data binding, it helps you to write less boilerplate code to create interactions between View and Model components.

  2. Angular Creates a watcher for each binding to track changes in the DOM. Once the view updates it compares the new value with the initial value & runs the $digest loop

  3. It accesses the DOM only through directives and standard, own directives are stringer way to work with the DOM & to insert Data into Templates.

  4. It is based on the three layers MVC & provides many standard services, factories, controllers & directives.

  5. It divides application code into several files and can reuse templates in the different part of websites.

  6. It uses a basic OOP pattern called dependency injection, you can only pass dependence as a parameter in any order in your functions.

  7. It is not simple; its complexity often causes a lot of confusion.

  8. Being very competitive the amount of unwanted syntax it requires to do simple things puts angular to the end position.

  9. It is way bigger, causing long load times & performance issues on mobile.

React has much more advantages over angular. The most important once are its re-usability, relative stability & high-performance oriented work.

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Sam Ferree

Worth noting AngularJS (1.x) and Angular (2+) are two completely different things, and you've used them interchangeably here.

starting with version 2, Angular is a complete rewrite, so AngularJS vs React isn't really a fair comparison. You seem to be talking about the older, deprecated AngularJS, not the current Angular.

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Why any of both?