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Mock software developer interviews

Hello! While this time of the year is typically a dull period at work, but is also when many of us plan to switch jobs/careers. In the spirit of giving back, I’m planning to run a little experiment - for the next 2 weeks, I will be doing 45 min mock interviews for software developers. These interviews will be generic and the primary goals are

  • Talk to a seasoned interviewer, better than practicing with friends
  • Cover basic programming skills and system design concepts
  • Provide candid feedback - you never get these in real interviews

First 5 minutes - Intro. Be prepared to answer questions about the experience listed on your resume.

Next 30 minutes - Generic software developer phone screen. Expect some basic programming and algorithm questions, system design concepts and simple coding problems. Use any language of your choice.

Last 10 minutes - will provide candid feedback on our conversation and pointers for improvement

Schedule your time at

FYI, this is totally FREE and open to developers and aspiring developers from all over the world.

My creds at

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