How to Deploy through ZEIT NOW

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ZEIT Now is a cloud platform for websites and serverless APIs(application program interface), that can be certainly be defined as the easiest way to deploy websites, regardless of what the requirements are.
The main aim is to make cloud computing accessible to everyone. It is a cloud platform for static sites and Serverless Functions which enables developers to host websites and web services that deploy instantly, scale automatically, and requires no supervision, all with no configuration.

This is how you get started :

1) Use Quickstarts: They let you get initiated speedily. Various quickstarts, paired with their guides and a deploy button are present on their website to help you get going with your project as quick as possible.

2) Deploy Project Locally: If doing things manually is your way, then you can deploy with ZEIT Now over your terminal with any local project.
i) Install Now CLI: For deploying with ZEIT over your terminal, you’ll need to install Now CLI, a frequently updated, and open-source, command-line interface. You can get it from either npm or Yarn.
ii) Create a project & deploy: The alternate way is to create a new next.js application and move it into the directory and then deploy your app with a single command through your terminal. Once deployed, you will get a preview URL that is assigned on each deployment to share the latest changes under the same address.

Any technology that can be served over HTTP and distributed through their CDN network can be deployed to ZEIT Now.

This includes:

  1. Static websites and static generators (React, Vue, Angular, etc)
  2. Code that renders HTML on the server-side.
  3. API endpoints that query databases or web APIs and return dynamic data

This platform makes serverless useful to you and to your team directly with the help tools and workflows, that make the underlying cloud infrastructure useful, productive and configuration-free .

In practical terms, this means :

ZEIT Now provides the framework to avoid re-writing and re-learning everything from scratch to take advantage of serverless today.
You can deploy popular client-side frameworks (like Next.js, create-react-app, Vue), Node.js or Go APIs as a monorepo with nearly zero configuration.

Moreover, they integrate directly with GitHub to deploy upon every push.
All these features and facilities over ziet makes it the easiest way to deploy websites currently anywhere on the internet.


Cloud platform for static websites and serverless functions.

Enables web developers to host websites and web services
that deploy instantly, scale automatically, and requires no supervision, all with no configuration.

Getting started just a few steps to get up and running with new projects in less than a minute.

Using ZEIT Now, developers can deploy their website quickly, without having to manually configure DNS, SSL, CDN or hosting.

Developers can integrate with their favourite tools, and bring the entire team of developers and designers closer together. It is a push-to-deploy platform which works with the developer’s web framework, integrates with GitHub and GitLab with Free Automatic SSL so as to avoid tedious renewals and DNS.

How to deploy ?

To deploy with ZEIT Now, a developer-only needs to install the Now CLI, a frequently updated and open-source command-line interface through the npm, the javascript package manager.
When a web application is ready to deploy, the only thing to do is running the “now” command which instantly deploys the web app and a preview URL is returned, that is assigned on each deployment .
Once deployed, the projects can be assigned to a custom domain or specified name of one’s choice to give it a primary place to see the latest version of the application.

Hence, ZEIT Now makes it a lot easier for developers to deploy their static web apps with zero configuration and full trust and security.

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