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RoR Tips & Tricks Series – #1

Shekhar Sahu
・1 min read


I am staring this series of blog posts. This will cover few tips and / or tricks from ROR. We as developer come across a situation, where we struggle to solve the problem. Once solved we realise that, in our trial and error efforts we have found some trick, which is not documented.

This blog post is an effort to collect such tips and tricks and make developers life easy !!!

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bengreenberg profile image
Ben Greenberg

Hi Shekhar,

I love seeing new Rails posts on DEV. Can I recommend please that you post more of the original content here and less of a link to the primary blog post?

If you're concerned about attribution to your website you can set the canonical_url metatag while writing the post, and point it to your original blog post.

Posting actual content on DEV and less links to content makes this site more valuable for everyone.

Thanks so much!