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HVLS fans are beneficial and common nowadays. This is an incredible technology of fans that can cover a vast area at a low cost. These are mostly used in industries, cattle farms, shopping centers, libraries, factories, etc. Some people don’t know about HVLS fans, and they are often confused about the use and purposes of these fans. So, we are going to explain HVLS fans and their functions in detail. We will also discuss the use of HVLS fans in India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and Singapore. We will tell you why HVLS fans are beneficial in these countries. Let’s start the discussion.

What are HVLS fans?

HVLS fans are large ceiling fans that can have a diameter of up to 7.3m (24ft). These large fans can cover an extensive area because of their huge size and aerodynamic design. HVLS is the acronym of High Volume Low Speed. They are called HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) because they can provide a high volume of air by running at low speed. We all use fans at our home, but those fans run at a very high speed, and they are very much small as compared to HVLS fans. The size of HVLS fans can vary from 7.3m (24ft) to 2.8m (8ft).

The design of HVLS fans is also unusual because they are designed according to aerodynamic standards. You will see six blades or more in these fans. Some fans even have eight blades. Due to their design, they can provide a high volume of air, and they can cover a vast area.

Typically, you will see two types of HVLS fans in the market, which are for industrial and commercial purposes. You can install these fans at different places to get excellent air quality and airflow at a low cost.

HVLS Fans VS Traditional Fans

We are going to compare HVLS fans and the traditional ceiling fans that we use at our homes and offices. You will have an idea which is beneficial.

For a 9000 sq-meter area, you will have to use hundreds of traditional fans. Approximately, there will be 300 units to cover the whole area. In contrast, only six huge industrial HVLS fans can cover the area. You only need six fans; this is incredible.

The total KW of traditional fans will be around 100kW, but the total KW of large industrial ceiling fans will be only 9 KW. This is an enormous difference between the power consumption of the fans. Thus, you can save a lot of energy by using large HVLS fans.

You might be worried about the HVLS fan’s noise. But surprisingly, the noise of these large fans is lower than 43 DB. The noise level of a library is around 40DB; now, you can easily evaluate how much silent HVLS fans are. Only one fan covers an area up to 1800 sq-meter depending on the size. These fans are the new face of technology that can save your money, space, time, and provide you fresh and healthy air. Therefore, you can save energy if you use these HVLS fans in India, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore.

What can a Large HVLS fan Do?

We all know that fans can provide air, but a large HVLS ceiling industrial or commercial fan can do a lot more. Let’s discuss its functions.


RTFANS HVLS fans can do dehumidification up to some extent. The high airflow can reduce the humidity of the area. It makes the air fresh and healthy. They can do dehumidification up to 15%. So, you will not need any dehumidifier.


The air in an area is divided into layers; the lower layer near the ground has a low temperature while the upper layer has a higher temperature. This is called stratification, which is not suitable for winters. HVLS fans can mix up the air of all layers. It maintains a similar temperature in the whole area. Thus, the temperature of the lower layer is increased that provides comfort to the people in the winter season.

Chilling Effect

The human body excretes liquid called sweat, and it is more during the summer season. HVLS fans provide a high volume of air; therefore, the sweat on the bodies evaporates quickly. Due to quick evaporation, the body feels cool, which is excellent in summers. The worker or people in the area feel more comfortable and fresher.

Space Ventilation

RTFANS HVLS fans spread the air through its well-aligned breezes over the whole area. Every corner of the area is covered. In a large area, it is impossible to do ventilation through exhaust fans, but HVLS fans are excellent for ventilation. You can also use these fans when you don’t want to use HVAC systems.

Reduces HVAC Usage

HVLS fans reduce the usage of HVAC systems by spreading the air in the whole area. It spreads the air quickly within no time. So, you don’t need to run your AC at a lower temperature; you can increase the temperature a little bit and use the fan with it.

These are the applications that make HVLS fans usable in all seasons. You can use HVLS fans in India, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, and other countries.

Use of HVLS Fans in Different Countries

We are going to discuss the use of HVLS fans in some countries. Let’s discuss it.

How Can HVLS fans be Beneficial for Different Countries?
HVLS Fans in India

India is a big country that enjoys six seasons. The seasons are Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Pre-winter, and Winter. There are different regions; some are very cold in winter with temperatures lower than 5˚C such as Darjeeling and Himanchal Pradesh, while some have temperatures around 11˚C-26˚C in the NW Indian plains. In hot seasons the temperature of Delhi and NW Indus plains is around 24˚C- 36˚C while the colder region remains in the range of 12˚C-20˚C. This shows that India has many seasons, and different regions have different temperatures. The country enjoys all seasons.

RTFANS HVLS fans are excellent for such temperatures. You can use these fans in winter for destratification and in summer for the cool breeze. In normal temperatures, the fans can work for ventilation and fresh air. Thus, it is beneficial to use HVLS fans in India.

HVLS Fans in Australia

Australia enjoys four seasons, which are summer, winter, autumn, and spring. HVLS fans are beneficial for all these seasons. The summers in some regions are very hot with the highest temperature around 53˚C. In winter, the temperature of some areas is below 0˚C. So, Australia also has different seasons and temperature ranges. You can use HVLS fans in all the above seasons by varying the speed of the fan. In winter, you can use the fan at a low speed that can do destratification. While in summers, it is excellent to assist your HVAC system in hotter areas while in lower temperatures of summer, these fans will provide excellent breeze that will eliminate the need for the HVAC system.

HVLS Fans in Singapore

In Singapore, the average maximum temperature of hot seasons is approximately 30˚-34C, while in cold seasons, the minimum average temperature is around 22˚C. You can say that it remains hot throughout the year. In this condition, the HVLS fans can assist HVAC systems and reduce your bills. These fans can reduce the humidity of the area in humid days. The most important use is their high airflow, which is splendid for hot seasons.

HVLS Fans in Thailand

Thailand remains warm over the whole year. There is no snow falling in any season. In Spring, it is very hot around 35˚C. The summer season is wet with high humidity, and the average temperature is 32˚C. Surprisingly in the winter season, the minimum average temperature is around 21-23˚C. In short, it remains warms throughout the year, and some months are very wet.

HVLS fans can provide chilling effects and powerful breeze in hot seasons, which will keep people fresh and healthy. They can also do dehumidification up to 15%. Therefore, the use of HVLS fans in Thailand is a good idea.

HVLS Fans Vietnam

There are two seasons in Vietnam, which are dry and rainy. There is very little change in temperature throughout the year. The winters are not much cold; the minimum average temperature is 14-15˚C. The maximum average temperature in summer is 33˚C, which is in July and June. The overall climate is not very cold, and it is hot most of the time. HVLS fans in Vietnam can do ventilation and dehumidification. They can help to spread the air of HVAC systems quickly in the area.

HVLS Fans in the Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful archipelago that is made of 7100 islands. The maximum average temperature in hot seasons is 31-34˚C. While in cold seasons, the minimum average could be around 21˚C. There are only two seasons; wet and dry. It remains hot over the year with a high level of relative humidity. The HVLS fans in the Philippines can work well to reduce humidity and provide high airflow in the area.


HVLS fans are huge; they can be large commercial and industrial ceiling fans. They not only provide air, but they can be used for different purposes such as dehumidification and destratification. We have discussed the use of HVLS fans in India, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines. All these countries can get benefits from HVLS technology. RTFANS provide all its large industrial and commercial HVLS ceiling fans in these countries. You need to contact us, and we will tell you the right size and model of the fans. Our team is always ready to help you. For information and queries, feel free to contact us.

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