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What is Postman?!

Hello beautiful people! It's me again coming to tell you about Postman. So first, what is postman? Well, Postman is an application where an user can send requests to a JSON server (a Node package that turns a JSON file on your computer into data storage) and find out if the request works or not.

For example, let's say you are building a project using Ruby and JavaScript. Ruby being backend and JavaScript being frontend of course. You are going to want to send data that you create in the backend, to the frontend. You know, so that you can see what is happening on your web application. Postman is a fantastic way to do that!

Let's say in our backend we create a todo list that has multiple users. You may want to perform a few CRUD (Create Read Update, Delete) operations. To start you want to download postman from their website.

Make sure you set it up properly. Just so you know, you don't have to sign in, you are able to say 'skip and go to the app'. Then you just click 'Get Started', 'Create a request'. After that you figure out which CRUD operation you want to use, make sure the URL that you are typing matches with the one you created in the backend, and voila you have successfully used postman!

Now you are able to 'get', 'patch', 'post', 'delete', etc., through postman. Go crazy, really play around with it until you fully understand what it does. I will also recommend you pay close attention to what you type in the 'Body' portion. You want to make sure that the object you type has the exact parameters you laid out in the backend. Otherwise you are really going to confuse yourself.

I hope this helps, remember, don't be afraid to try multiple requests, after all this is your project and you want to make sure you know everything inside and out.

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