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Delievery - Deliver (or Send) Anything, Everywhere in your Local Community - Twilio Hackathon

What I am going to build

Problem Statement

When we want to send or receive to something, locally, let's say a handmade cake 🎂 by Granny, or a surprise 🎉🎁 for a Girlfriend or let's say we forgot our 📱 phone at home, we find it very difficult to send / receive such 🙄 small (but 🔝 very important) things.

Introducing, DELIEVERY ✅

With Delievery, anyone can send or receive anything from anywhere in their local community. And anyone can become a delivery 🚚 exec (or medium of 😉 happiness if it's Granny's cake) to complete the task.

This is going to be a mobile app. Initially with 3 major user roles:

  1. 👨‍🏫 Applicant User - Who is going to request to send or receive anything
  2. 👮‍♂️ Delivery Exec - Who is going to complete the request raised by an Applicant User and will also earn money
  3. 👨‍⚖️ Approver User
    • Who can accept a delivery from delivery exec, if Applicant has sent something
    • Who can give package to delivery exec, if Applicant has requested something


My project will fall under Interesting Integrations category, as I am going to use Twilio APIs with combination of other APIs.


Below are the main features:

  1. 🏦 Account managment
    • MVP - Login, Signup, Forgot and Reset Password
  2. ⚡ Tasks management
    • MVP - Create, Cancel, Status, History
    • Future - Payment
  3. 🚴‍♀️ Live tracking of Delivery Exec
    • If possible, I will implement it in current version or can be considered part of future work.
  4. 🤷‍♂️ FAQs on how to use app - MVP

Link to Code


Deliver (or Send) Anything, Everywhere in your Local community.

How I am going to build it (what's the stack)?

My stack will be:

  1. 📱 Mobile App - Ionic with Angular
  2. 🔄 APIs - NestJS
  3. ☁️ Server - TBD
  4. 🏪 Database - MongoDB
  5. 💵 Payment Gateway - TBD

Twilio APIs

  1. Account management
    • For signup and login, I am planning to use Authy and Verify
    • To send welcome, forgot-password and reset-password mails, I will use SendGrid
  2. Tasks management
    • State notifications (requested, accepted, delivered, etc.) using in app chat with Programmable Chat
    • Final state notifications (package delivered) using SMS or WhatsApp
    • Or maybe I will use Conversations for both of the above
  3. FAQs - AutoPilot

Additional Resources / Info

👋 I'm writing this post to serve as a commitment for me to continue this journey. If you find this project interesting feel free to share your feedback or idea.

Thanks for reading.

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