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Discussion on: Tried Entity Framework Core 5.0's Many-to-Many support

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Tatsuro Shibamura Author

There's no need to think too hard. You can use the same methods as you normally use with collections.

class Program
    static async Task Main(string[] args)
        using var context = new AppDbContext();

        var entry = new Entry
            Title = "buchizo"

        // Get exists tag
        var existsTag = await context.Tags.FirstAsync(x => x.Name == "kosmosebi");


        await context.AddAsync(entry);
        await context.SaveChangesAsync();

        var existsEntry = await context.Entries
                                       .Include(x => x.Tags)
                                       .FirstAsync(x => x.Id == 1);

        // Remove first tag

        await context.SaveChangesAsync();