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Hosting personal website on DigitalOcean's App Platform

What I built

A simple portfolio website.

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Personal Site/Portfolio

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It is a simple and clean portfolio with Gatsby, TypeScript, React, and tailwindcss. I come from a backend/infrastructure background, so frontend development is a challenge for me. I created this site without using any existing theme also made it responsive and looks good on mobile. It's not a super fanny site, but it's mine.

Link to Source Code

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I had a bit of free time at the end of 2020, so I've decided to rebuild my portfolio website from Hugo to Gatsby. My motivation for rebuilding is to get more practice in TypeScript / React, the skills I picked up in 2020. I also want to try out tailwindcss too. Coincidently, I found out about DigitalOcean App Platform Hackathon on DEV. So, I decided to host the new site on the platform instead of GitHub Pages.

How I built it (A detailed guide of deploying a Gatsby site to DigitalOcean’s App Platform)

I bootstrapped the site with gatsby new command. We don't need to tell Gatsby that we are using DigitalOcean's App Platform.

To create a new App, select App from the Create menu in the DigitalOcean console.

New App

To deploy to DigitalOcean's App Platform from GitHub, we need to connect to our repository from the App console.

Link GitHub account

This means that we need to install DigitalOcean on GitHub. It can also be installed in an organization account.

Install DigitalOcean

We can also limit the repository that DigitalOcean has access to. E.g. for my case, I am only allowing it to access the repository that contains the source code of my site.

Limit repository access

Once we have the permission setup on GitHub, we can then select a repository from DigitalOcean's App Platform.

Select repository on DO

Then, name our app, select a region, and pick the deployment branch. DigitalOcean will pick up any changes that I push to the trunk branch and deploy it.

Set name, region, and branch

We can see that DigitalOcean will be able to detect that the repository is a Gatsby project automatically. I did not need to change any settings here for my usecase.

Gatsby detected

Finally, we need to select a pricing plan. We can use the Starter plan for static sites like this one. We can build and deploy up to three Starter apps for free.

Starter plan

After this, we can relax and grab a cup of coffee while waiting for DigitalOcean to build and deploy the site.

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