Top 10 Developer Tools You Didn't Know You Needed

Jay Chow on June 23, 2019

Your master guide to become a professional model web developer in Mac: There are my 'Must have' programming tools. They are universally applicable:... [Read Full]
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Hi jay, great list you put up, I personally like jetbrains products they have make the the best IDE's.

I've got a question.

What happened to Postman?. I like their collections feature plus they are used by so many developers worldwide they must be doing something great


I do agree. I use Postman for most of my API work and it might be the best tool out there to do so.

However, I'm surprised it is not included within the list.

Also, I was wondering... GitKraken looks awfully like Asana or I am mistaking?


GitKraken has GitKraken Glo which functions really similar to Asana, and has a pretty similar design aesthetic.


I switched from Postman to using the REST client extension in VSCode (

It's really nice having all of your calls saved in version control and using the text editor to compose calls.


For my database client I currently use DataGrip, if you are already in the Jetbrains ecosystem.

Like others said, why paw and insomnia? 😂 Anyways I use Postman, the free version is more than enough for me.

And for my Git GUI I use Sourcetree, it is free and has everything that I need build in.


I love DataGrip, though the guys at work get twitchy seeing how casual I am about switching environments while in a gui. I found it one day in Toolbox looking around since work pays for the ultimate pack and I wanted to use all the neat things. The built in database view in Jetbrains IDEa does 90% of Datagrip, but I like having a standalone to keep support queries in its own little world.


I like DataGrip, but usually, you can go even easier and use SQL manager included in your IDE. I personally use RubyMine and SQL manager included in it for all my RoR projects.


NoSQLBooster is way better than Studio 3T

I've tried to like git kraken, but nothing beats Tower for simple, quick ease of use and get out of the way UI.

TablePlus is a pretty great DB client too.. Many SQL flavors, redis, and (beta) Mongo support.

All three of these are available on mac and windows. Personally, I wish more of these nice gui clients were available on linux :)

And, for general IDE use -- I've been very happy with VS Code


I still prefer Postman over Insomnia. Good list though 👍🏾


What would be the interesting feature Postman has over Insomina?


Well for one I'm able to save requests and run them. I can generate an authentication token through Postman & use it. Overall I find Postman offers more flexibility & options.

Ah, I see. Thank you, Hamza.

Postman asked me to sign up and it was for syncing across devices. That's a nice feature


Has anyone used Postman/Insomnia for an extended period of time? (I'm on linux so paw is not an option) I've only used Postman for API dev and it works fine for me. Is there anything Insomnia offers which Postman doesn't? (or vice versa)


I've been using Insomnia for years, switched from Postman because at that moment I had a huge RAM issue with Postman.

I like it, it fast and it works really well, plus you have some nice plugins to integrate (JWT and Faker, for example)


Great post Jay! i will try some of your recommendations.


I wish more of those supported Windows10, like Dash. I develop on both mac and windows and it'd be nice if more things were cross platform. :/


You can use Zeal ( as Windows alternative for Dash. It is compatible with Dash's docset format so you can use all Dash's docsets.


We need both Paw AND insomnia?!?!? Why do we need both?


I guess it depends on what features you are looking for. Both of them are different


In mac after apple implements the concepts of alfred in spotlight I see no reason to use.


Not sure why you need both paw and insomnia...I personally use insomnia, but the one thing it's missing for me compared to postman is the auto generation of documentation.


I like Paw, but there is one thing missing which is mandatory for me. I cannot add passphrases to self signed certificates.

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