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Get customized weather updates through SMS

This is the initial scratch of the project in mind.

The Problem

Looking up weather sounds trivial but most scenarios involve couple steps.

  1. A user navigates through a myriad of apps on the person's phone to find a weather app
  2. Click the app


  1. A user navigates finds a browser in the person's phone or computer
  2. Click to open the app
  3. Type in words like 'weather' or 'forecast'
  4. Click on the resulting links

The solution (MVP)

Provide a web interface where a user can register and setup preferences on how they want to receive weather updates through texts. Think of it as cronjobs😊. For example the user can choose to receive daily weather update each morning at 8AM. Besides the general summary, the user can also customize what kind of information they want such as humidity level, expected windspeed, etc... This will integrate 3rd party service API such as darkSky API.


  • User can text for weather anytime with keywords such as 'current', 'daily, etc..

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