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Git Graph - Something about being able to see branches helps me out

Image Preview - Easy way to see the image you are linking too

Turbo Console log - This is such an easy way to use log as a debugger

Todo Tree - This is nice if you create lots of TODOS - has all of them in one spot


I haven't heard any of them. I will definitely check them out!


SSH FS for being able to mount directories on a remote machine and being able to edit remote files within VS Code. Absolute life saver

Also not a vs code extension but I’ve just recently added GitKraken to my workflow and it is absolutely one of my favorite tools.


SSH FS sounds like a really handy tool. Thanks for sharing!


There are a lot of such extensions. But if I tell you about the one, then that would be prettier, the one which helps me format my code when I save my file.


VSC Todo with keyboard shortcuts to them is my project todo holder.

  • GitLens: amazing for all git related actions
  • Code Spell Checker: helps avoiding misspells :)
  • Path Intellisense: filenames autocompletion

Great suggestions, I will check them out :)


Have a couple I can think of at the top of my head

1) GitLens - It's an amazingly well built and extremely helpful.

2) DocumentThis - Gives a super nice comment format for documenting code.


Thanks for sharing! I will definitely checkout out DocumentThis.

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