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Shiraaz Moollatjie is a fantastic example of the "no brilliant jerks allowed" rule in action across an online community

This is such a true statement. qq, is your detection for "brilliant jerks" a measured part of the interview process, or does it rely on your experience to make the call??

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Gergely Orosz Author

We have a hiring manager and bar raiser interview on top of the coding interviews. On these two interviews, we gather signals on the softer side: on things like teamwork, mentorship, handling conflict. We also talk through past projects.

If on this interview - or any of the other ones - we see yellow or red flags, we note them and discuss them in the end. Yellow flags can be things like being defensive, not taking feedback or not good handling of conflict. Red flags could be unacceptable language, hostility towards interviewers, badmouthing all previous employers and others.

If someone shows too many signs of not being a team player, that can be a blocker to moving forward. The hiring manager and bar raiser are responsible to hire people who make the team better and raise the bar of talent we have.

So to answer your question: we gather signals as part of the interview process. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the hiring manager and bar raiser to make this call, but everyone in the process provides feedback.

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Max Ong Zong Bao

Wow i didn't know that Uber has a yellow and red flags to judge "brilliant jerk" as part of their interview process very interesting.

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Gergely Orosz Author • Edited

Uber has a process of collecting signals during interviews, and roles on who is responsible to collect certain signals. We have a policy of no brilliant jerks among others. And if we see people who display signs of what a brilliant jerk is, it is a blocker for hiring.

I cannot speak or represent all of Uber. I can talk for myself and I will follow this approach whether at Uber or at other places, as it’s the approach to create high-performing and safe teams.

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