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How to passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam in 3 Weeks

Hey everyone! πŸ‘‹ In this article, I have written about how she passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam in 3 weeks. I also shared how she prepared for her exam and what resources she used. πŸ‘‡

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before we get started as an introduction about lucy she is currently a university student in Sydney Australia and she interned at aws so the reason I decided to write this article is that she had shared her personal experience with us about how she prepared for the exam what resources she used?

and what I wish I did differently so that you don't have to jump from website to website trying to figure out how to start your card learning journeyπŸ™‚

she said " overall the exam is 90 minutes long with 65 multiple-choice questions covering a few main domains and you can choose to take it either at home or at a local testing center a question I get asked a lot by people is how much previous experience or
knowledge do I need to have if I want to take this exam as you can see here aws recommends having at least six months of experience
with the AWS cloud in any role and a basic understanding of its services with that being said though you don't necessarily have to have an i.t background or any experience with us.

don't let that stop you from preparing for the exam the AWS cloud practitioner exam is foundational level and there are so many online courses out there that start from the very basics the only thing you need to keep in mind though is that it may take a few more hours to understand more complex concepts if you haven't come across something similar before it took me around 15 hours of study to gain the confidence to sit the exam.

and here's how my time was broken down first, I set up an AWS account and played around with the AWS console this is a very important first step because even though you can probably get
away with not having any hands-on experience with using AWS before sending the exam you must interact and apply the concepts you learn and see how they're used the good thing is that most of these services that I use were either free or had a free tier.

so I didn't have to pay any additional charges during my learning experience so go ahead and try launching and terminating easy2 instances uploading a photo of your pet onto s3 and creating your vpc the second thing that I did was go through lectures on a udemy course I recommend looking into this particular course taught by an instructor called Stefan there were around 11 hours of video
content and this was where I spent most of my time studying
what I recommend doing is speeding up the theory lectures to 1.25
1.5 speed but taking your time when it comes to doing the hands-on

so that you can consolidate your knowledge so I prefer watching videos over reading notes and documentation mainly because I find it to be more engaging and easier to absorb but there are many ebooks and were white papers out there that are great resources and I've linked everything into the description below finally what I did was I searched online and found a bunch of practice questions and went through as many of them as I could before the exam.

this was an effective way to identify gaps in my knowledge and some of the practice exam websites provided really good explanations on why the answer was correct or incorrect before making this video I revisited these websites and found the ones that reflected the real exam so definitely check it out at the end of this article below.

even though I didn't buy any practice exams for the cloud practitioner certification if I was to go back in time I would have bought this course from the tutorials dojo I used their practice questions to prepare for my solutions architect associate and developer associate certifications and it was super helpful and had very high-quality explanations.

my final piece of advice is to book your exam ahead of time
sometimes when we have so many things going on in our lives can be hard to prioritize doing certifications by booking your exam for next month even if you haven't started preparing for it
forces you to feel a sense of urgency so that you can remember to block out time for your cloud learning journey. "

if you're reading this article and have your exam coming up best of luck and let me know how you go if you're considering whether or not to get Aws certified I highly recommend looking into the AWS certification website and browsing through the different certifications to see which one is best for you

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