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Don't have an idea of starting web development?

Little bit about me

Here, I'm learning web development for the last 9 months, I'm not coming from a cs degree background, but a lot of curiosity and interest makes me learn to code. I want to share what is the struggle I was faced and what I learned from this. It will be something useful for your learning path.


In the very first month, I planned to learn HTML and CSS, I used to watch all the tutorial on youtube, and at the end of the day, I was blank and I fell into tutorial hell. I've realized hands-on coding will only makes me a better developer.

A months ago

After a lot of practice and hard work, I made a plain HTML without using any CSS that was my first line of code written and pushed into my repo. Then I learned CSS, I added styling to that plain HTML, now it looks like this, this is not a completely responsive webpage.

Tutorial hell

This is the very common mistake all the beginners do when they learning to code, I'm also one of them. whatever you learn, for example, if you learned flexbox in CSS just make the navbar using flexbox, even it's so simple that's not a problem, just get your hands dirty by doing the coding.

React or Angular

After I learned the basics of Javascript, how the web works, and DNS. I chose react because it's lightweight and we can easily build a user interface and the community is quite big.

First react App

Before I create the first react app, I'm completely explored the react documents, which gave me everything need to know about this.

A week later, I created a simple todo app, it's getting input from a user and forms a list. I really like react it's easy for the beginner, we can able to create our own projects within a week.

End of 2020

Before the end of 2020, I've really explored as much as I could, really looking forward to learning more and more in 2021.

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