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Best SEO Techniques to Increase Website Traffic quickly.

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SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It gets more traffic by providing a higher ranking to your website in search results of search engines.

SEO is the best way to get maximum traffic on your website. Knowing some of the best SEO techniques and applying them, you will see a significant increase in the traffic of your website. Although there are many other ways to get traffic to the website apart from SEO, all others send temporary traffic to your website. When you post any content on your website and share it on social media, you get some referral traffic, which is temporary traffic and stops coming after a day or two. But when you use these SEO Techniques properly, then the traffic will keep coming for a long time.

On-Page SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Traffic

On-Page SEO Techniques are those which we usually use on our website's Page, Posts, Titles, Headlines, etc. because of being used on the website or page itself, they are called On-Page SEO Techniques.

Use Keyword in Title Tag

The title tag of your website is an important factor in SEO. Your title should be keyword-rich. You should use a Keyword Rich Phrase as the title, and it should also be attractive.

Adopt Long-Tail Strategy

Using Long-Tail Keywords on your Page or Post is called Long-Tail Strategy. Long-Tail Keywords are some keywords or a group of Keyword Phrases that are very much related to the product or service you provide. Whenever a client or visitor searches for that key phrase, your website is more likely to get a higher rank in the search results. For example, if your keyword is “SEO Techniques”, then your Long Tail Keywords can be something like: “10 SEO Techniques to Improve Your Search Ranking”. Long Tail Keywords are very important nowadays because they are very specific and hence Search Engines give more importance to such posts.

Be sure to use keywords on your page and headline

Keywords contribute the most in increasing your Search Engine Ranking. Therefore, wherever you feel we can use our keyword here, be sure to use it. Use your keyword on your Homepage, About Page, or any other page as well. To increase the traffic on your website, you should also use keywords in the headlines of your post.

Use the right keywords

Where appropriate keywords help in getting a high rank in the search engine, inappropriate keywords also harm your ranking. Therefore, before selecting keywords, do enough Keyword Research. Always adopt any keyword, keeping in mind its search volume. Using the keyword to be searched more will increase the traffic on your website soon.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

You should keep your website easy to navigate. Easy to navigate means that any of your content or pages should be within two or over three clicks from the homepage of your website. With this, both the visitor and the search engine will not have trouble finding your content. When you keep your content within three clicks, then it comes quickly in the eyes of Search Engines, and it increases traffic easily. You can know how many clicks your content is from the homepage by looking at its URL. For example, in the site the page blockchain-tutorial is on two clicks, and finding it will be a less difficult task for both search engines and visitors.

Reduce the load-time of your website

Do you know that the ideal time for any website to load is 2 to 3 seconds? If the load-time is over 3 seconds, the visitors of our website can decrease by up to 40%. Sometimes we include more size pictures in our posts or install many unwanted plugins. Along with this, the load-time of our website increases because of many other reasons, due to which the chances of decrease in traffic also increase. For this, we should uninstall all unnecessary plugins and optimize pictures for websites with the help of Photoshop.

Make Meta Description attractive

Meta Description does not help much in the Search Engine Optimization of our website, but it attracts people towards our website. Its 160 characters appear in the search result just below our headline, and visitors often visit the website only after reading it. If our Meta Description will be attractive, then more and more people will visit our website.

Best Off-Page SEO Techniques To Improve Website Traffic:

Off-Page SEO Techniques are those that we apply outside our website or page on other websites, blogs, social media, or any offline medium.

Using Linkable Assets

Linkable Assets are called those graphics that provide information to the viewers, and they can be easily linked with any other website. People like to share and recommend them more. The best example of Linkable Assets is Infographics, which are currently being used a lot. Nowadays, Free Tools are easily available to create Infographics, but if you use Premium Contents for Personalization, then its effect is more.

Use Social Media

Full use of social media to build the audience of your website. Share every content of your website on social media, but only for a short time, but visitors come to your website. This also affects your Search Engine Ranking. The more visitors visit your website and share your content on Like, Share, Tweet, the more your ranking will improve.

Create High-Quality Backlinks

Backlink means having links to your website on other websites. The link on which a visitor clicks to come to your website from another website is called a Backlink. Backlinks are a very important part of Search Engine Optimization. The more good and high PageRank websites have links to your website, the more your website's PageRank will improve.

When you write a comment or guest post or comment on any other blog or website, it creates the possibility of backlinks. To create High-Quality Backlinks, do Guest Blogging on a famous blog related to the Niche / Field of your website.

Using SEO techniques well provides targeted traffic to our website continuously. If you apply the above Best SEO Techniques on your website, then soon your website will also make a place in the initial search results.

If you have found the above SEO Techniques useful, then like and share this article. If you have any queries, you can ask me in the comments.

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