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Shivashish Yadav
Shivashish Yadav

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These cryptocurrencies combined have given returns of over 2,400% in 2021

While crypto investors expected that the month of December will see some decent jump in crypto, but nothing like this happened. After touching, it's All-Time High (ATH) on 10th November, Bitcoin will see a lot of declines has been found.

Even amid such an upsurge, from the beginning of 2021 till now, a lot of cryptocurrencies have made very good returns to their investors. According to data from Coinmatrics, there are 35 cryptocurrencies that have given an average return of 2,400% this year.


On top of this comes the name of Axie infinity, which is a Play To Earn Blockchain game that has given a tremendous 17,213% returns this year, same category Blockchain gaming project Sandbox has also given 13,832% returns.

Matic, which is working on Ethereum's Layer 2 Solution, has given 12,133% to its investors. Investors' eyes are very much on Matic as it is contributing hugely to scaling Ethereum and right now Matic is also working on many projects. It is working, due to which the investor expects it will increase further.

During so many difficulties, the world's largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, did not anger people too much, from the beginning of this year to the end, Bitcoin has given a return of 62%, while the second number cryptocurrency Ethereum has given a return of 433%.

As awareness is increasing among people about NFT, DeFi, its biggest advantage will be the leader cryptocurrency of this category, Ethereum. Everyone is eagerly waiting for Ethereum 2.0. With its arrival, Ethereum's network will see a lot of booms, and people will get rid of the high gas fees and its slow transaction speed.

Its developers are working on Ethereum 2.0, it is expected that it will be completed by 2022, after which there will be no one to compete with Ethereum.


Do not invest your money in any cryptocurrency without doing your own research, as you will find many crypto projects that will lure you to give you high returns, but you should not invest money anywhere without doing research.

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