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Shivashish Yadav
Shivashish Yadav

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Finding similar movies, TV-series made easy.

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Sometimes you watch movie which you like it a lot and wanted to get similar movie to watch. You search on internet but most results you get which lists different movies. No need to worry, here comes .


Enter the title of the film you want to view in the form, and related films will be suggested. The lists are built automatically, taking into account many movie parameters as well as suggestions and expert opinions ("hand-picked").

Because the algorithm for selecting movies is always improving, don't be surprised if movies you've already seen appear in the list of comparable films.

You can also view a film about the subject you're interested in. All the topics were classified into five categories: style, plot, audience, time, and location.

All movies are sorted by how relevant they are to the theme on the tag page. You can also use different sorts to rapidly select simply the best or newest among them.

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saleena tp

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