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NotNotePad - a web-based multi-editor and serverless code-editor/IDE

NotNotePad is a code editor I have been partly working on for the last year, it was my first complete project (and by complete I definitely don't mean done 😎) and my biggest so far.

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a browser base code editor

NotNotePad - Live Demo

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What is NotNotePad

lets take the idea of programming

code (text)=> code interpreter/compiler=> machine code (binary data)

now when trying to improve this process we can encounter a few problems like

  1. any changes in the code syntax will require every user to update is interpreter and every program or library to update its code base, which can result in mostly small or non-breaking changes in every language generation leap.
  2. sometimes code syntax which is easy to write can be harder to interpret for an interpretor.
  3. for some people coding in general is not the best way to program especially for people in the creative area like designers.

that's why we have tools like:

  • bable (code translator)

es6 + jsx=> raw js=> code interpreter

  • wix (website builder)

visual editor=> html=> html renderer

  • unreal engine blueprints

visual editor=> compiled data=> cpp interpreter

  • google blockly

visual editor=> compiled code=>…

so what exactly is "NotNotePad"❓

NotNotePad is a code editor design to give both programmers and non-programmers a place when they can work on the same code base using both code and visual scripting (visual scripting still has a long way to go😉), the editor runs on the browser and is completely serverless.

and what exactly do you mean by multi-editor ❓

the idea behind NotNotePad multi editor system is to give the user one IDE but multiple code editors to work with so a savvy programmer can use the Monaco editor (the same editor from VScode !!) while the less savvy product man can work on the same file using a visual editor.

🏞 screenshots



If all or just some of that sounds interesting for you fill free to check the project out in github/shmuelhizmi/notnotepad.

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