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Can content marketers create personalized experiences on the JAMstack?

Personalization is a powerful technique used by marketers to create unique digital experiences that engage with customers on an individual level. They play an integral role in driving revenue streams for businesses and are essential to remaining competitive in a crowded marketplace. Personalizing content requires analyzing traffic to identify high value customer segments and sending content targeted to user needs. Many CMS-es include this feature out of the box. This way, content marketers can create content, learn about their audiences and tailor make experiences within the same tool. In the context of the JAMstack where services are decoupled, it can be a challenge to convince marketers to use yet another service (YAS see tweet) to write and potentially duplicate content and processes to.

Even so, the decoupled approach to the JAMstack lends itself well to a process where content marketers can have their cake and eat it too. The decoupling between the presentation layer and content management means content delivery can be treated as a yet another service to plug into. Since personalization is inherently dynamic, we can easily augment how content is served to users with standalone personalization services like Frosmo or Brandfetch that hook into applications via serverless functions and web hooks. These mechanisms allow content marketers to give their users immediate feedback and vary content based on individual customer characteristics. Serving content statically on a CDN has the added benefit of accessing cutting-edge CDN features like A/B testing at the edge so granular metrics can be measured without an added trip to the server.

Split testing for content personalization and engagement is a breeze with modern CDNs like Netlify. To learn more and get started, check out Netlify's handy dandy docs. And to learn more about using personalization tools in the JAMstack, check out this article on “Personalizing the web for the modern user with Contentful and Frosmo“.

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