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Do I have to know git to use the JAMstack?

Atomic deploys is a key component of the JAMstack. With atomic deploys, static assets are delivered as entirely self contained entities with neither dependencies nor associations with what came before it; Every deploy is independent from the another. As a result of this, changes to a site are trackable and rolling back to a previous version of a site becomes trivial. The immutability of deploys is made possible with the power of version control tools like Git. In addition to keeping track of changes, version control doubly eases onboarding since ramping up on a project is a matter of pulling down a GitHub repository and running a few set up commands.

It’s undeniable that the agility of the JAMstack is deeply rooted in Git. Knowing Git and understanding just a bit of code will give you full access and freedom to configure your site to your heart’s content. Regardless, there are ways to take advantage of the JAMstack without knowing much Git or any code at all. This is largely due to the maturation of the JAMstack ecosystem, which has brought with it a rise in site builders that support the JAMstack. Site builders like Stackbit offer those unfamiliar with Git and/or code the ability to pick and bundle their sites with modern SSGs and a headless CMS of their choice. Theming libraries like JAMstack themes and JAM templates moreover provide options for styling the frontend at the click of a button. If you’re intrigued by this, the Snipcart team wrote about how they got their marketing team to successfully build their own JAMstack sites with little to no code. With the gaining momentum of JAMstack, there are now more opportunities than ever before for non technical users to access the JAMstack. The accessibility of the JAMstack to both technical and non technical users is the key to the eventual triumph of the JAMstack in the years to come.

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