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Discussion on: How To Merge Multiple PDF/Images to PDF In Ubuntu Linux(ImageMagick)

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Rémi Lavedrine

So fun, I looked for it exactly yesterday and see this article on the front page on today.

Yesterday, I downloaded PDF Arranger from the Ubuntu App Store and it worked like a charm (saw that imagemagick trick but wanted to have graphical based tool 😉).

For a mass pdf merging solution, I developed a tool in Python.

GitHub logo Shosta / Merge-Pdfs

Merge Pdfs automatically in a folder based on the file names.

Merge Pdfs

A python module to merge a bunch of Pdf files.

Why would you want to merge bunch of pdf files?

A few months ago now, I purchased this mobile scanner The IRIScan Anywhere scanner.

IRIScan Anywhere 5

This scanner is very portable and I am using it very often to scan all sort of documents I am receiving over mail and that I want to archive to be sure that I have a digital copy.

It is also useful to scan and store the receipt I receive from stores.


The scanner can't merge files during scanning. It must be done on post-processing through their software.

That's why I wanted to automate the process a little.

1. Prepare your files.

Let's consider that you scan (or have by any other method) a lot of different pdf files.

You need to rename your files according to the following pattern :


If that can help anyone facing the same issue as I did. 😉

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Ashutosh Kumar Author

Good to hear that it helped. Sure, I will definitely look into your repo.