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Discussion on: An introduction to Ulauncher Extension Development

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Rémi Lavedrine

A massive thank you for that post.
It is very well documented.

I made a theme for ULauncher based on the Panda theme.

Shosta / panda-syntax-ulauncher

Panda syntax theme for the linux application launcher ULauncher.


Panda syntax theme for ULauncher.

Panda Logo

A , dark Syntax Theme. This is the latest version of the Panda Syntax theme. It's a dark syntax theme crafted especially for ULauncher, with subtle colors that are meant to be easy on the eyes.

Main Demo

⌨️ How to Use

When ULauncher is installed on your Linux machine, create a ~/.config/ulauncher/user-themes/panda folder and add the manifest.json, theme.css and theme-gtk-3.20.css files in it.

⌨️ To Check the Results

Press Ctrl+Space (or your hotkey) to launch ULauncher Press the Settings button and choose panda as your new theme.

Settings ScreenShot

📞 Recommended

Panda Created for Editors and Terminals. Panda Project.

Panda Ports



🐼 About Pandas

Pandas ScreenShot

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Picture &amp…

And I would love to create an extension. Thanks again for that post.