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Discussion on: Do you use GUI for git on Linux? Which one?

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Rémi Lavedrine • Edited

I am using Gitkraken on Linux because it is very reliable, very beautiful, and most of all, it works on Linux, MacOS and Windows.
Which is very useful when you have to deal with a lot of different machines.
And I'm sure that one day you will.

However, be sure to learn all the concepts around Git and be comfortable using the Git CLI before using any Git GUI software. It will save you and your team a lot of time in the future. 😉

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Paul Susicky Author

Git kraken looks super cool, but I'm not sure about merge conflicts editor, is there a one in free pricing? That's why I'm not sure about this one, Git extensions had possibility to integrate kdiff3 into it, which saves a lot of time for me.

Thanks for tip!