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Discussion on: Taking Your Teaching Online

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Rémi Lavedrine

That is a really good article.

Just got to read it quickly, but I will come back later and try to make it work.

If I don't want to livestream, but have something similar (get information from my Terminal, have my webcam somewhere on the screen, etc...) and then upload it to Youtube (or anywhere else, as I have a video file), do you recommend to use OBS?
Or for that specific purpose, do you recommend using something else.

I would love to have something similar, talking about specific material, tech, etc... but I would love to add things on-screen during my talk (in post-production), for instance to enhance something I said, some figures, etc...

Love your content by the way 😄

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Kevin Lewis Author

I’ve not used OBS to edit (I’m not sure it can) but I use it to record screencasts and upload as-is.