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Discussion on: What non-coding skills do you want to learn next?

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Rémi Lavedrine • Edited

I would love to be more skilled in Teaching technical things. 🧑🏼‍🏫
I am gonna start with Streaming short explanations about technical concept around Security.
As showed in the Lewis' Pyramid,
Lewis Pyramid of Learning

when you are teaching something to someone else, you are actually doing a lot of good to yourself as well.

It can look a little selfish, but it helps both sides actually. 🤝
I started recently a Twitch channel to do that and hope to push more contents in the future.

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Ali Sherief

That is a very useful infographic, thank you very much!

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Stephanie Morillo Author

I agree with this so much! There's nothing selfish about teaching others in order to learn better; it's mutually beneficial. :)

If you're interested, General Assembly made their course "How to Teach Online" available for free. This might be a helpful resource. Best of luck with your Twitch channel!

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Rémi Lavedrine

Thanks for the link.
I'll definitely have a look at it.