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Where HTML Started it's Journey

Web Development or Website Designing both need HTML Structure. When beginners start their journey in Website Designing and Development, they have to start with HTML.
When we want to step further, let's start with knowing the birth of HTML. HTML was developed or designed by Tim Berners-Lee in late 1991. We read many articles, it was not officially launched or released, but we can say not formally dismissed. It took time and was finally published in 1991 as knowingly HTML 1.0. Then after a long time, the first version of HTML was released, known as HTML 2.1, and was officially published in 1995. This was an excellent achievement designing and was called a major version of HTML announced and launched.

You might know that HTML is a markup language, not a programming language. Therefore, it has various versions updating, and in the year 2021, HTML5 is worldwide. The good thing about HTML is that it allowed its user to create beautiful web pages looking excellent and prettier and make sites looking very creative and productive.
Now Let's go to know more about HTML's second version when the second version of HTML was published in 1995, containing all the features of HTML 1.0. This was released along with additional features. All those features have remained as the official standard markup language for New look of Website designing and creating websites.

After Tim Berners-LeeThen, Dave Raggett introduced a newly released HTML 3.0 of HTML. It was developed with new HTML tags features presenting more powerful features for designing web pages. Before it was released, many things were not allowing users to do a creative thing, but finally, users could make great things after release.

HTML 4.01 was a successful HTML that is still widely used. Then HTML 5 came with additional elements, which are mentioned below. HTML5 is used widely. When I was looking to Activate Facebook Dating, then I thought to look for its HTML Structure so that I could understand how I should make a dating web page. Suppose your research for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media. You will find that HTML5 is used on most pages. Listed Tags are mentioned below.
In Conclusion about HTML's History...
This post might be useful to know about History of HTML.

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