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Web Projects to BOOST and STANDOUT Your PortFolio

1. Algorithm Visualiser:
You can Implement all the algorithms that you have studied and make them visualise through JSX hooks and states..

Project Link:

Alt Text

2.Live Share IDE (with Video Calling and Canvas drawing Sharing Support)

Collaborative Coding IDE WebApp

How is it Different...Well 🐒 nothing Unique but here is, what this project has to Offer.

Visit the Project Here :

You have a Seperate Canvas Board where you can discuss your logic by noting them down to that canvas and other user in RealTime will also be able to see them. ( Thanks to the Library 🌞 )

You can share your Code Link and When other user Edits your code you will be able to see the code manipulation Live.With a Support of Video Calling..

WebApp Shots..

Alt Text
Alt Text
Alt Text
Alt Text

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