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Shubham Shukla
Shubham Shukla

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My Class of 2020

My Final Project

My project was a Food Recipe Search App in which a user can search for any type of Food recipes and ingredients. It also gives information about the time required to prepare and serve a specific food. It's a simple app with fast and reliable results.

Demo Link


Link to Code

Github Repo: {% %}

How I built it

I built it using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React JS, and uses a Third-party Food API to fetch recipe information. It is my first app that I built using react framework with this project I learned a lot about React like using lifecycle methods, using states, Fetching Data from API, and displaying them on the page.

Additional Thoughts

I think one can master any language or framework very easily by implementing or creating a practical application or a project. Working on projects expands our knowledge and enhance our practical skills so I would suggest one should learn something by doing it. :)

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